Who says there’s no such thing as a free pizza?

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Tony’s Pizza

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tony’s Pizza. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know in the past I’ve spoken ill of, perhaps even mentioned derisively in passing conversation that frozen pizza was created by a demon named Mealphegor. He is known to seduce people by suggesting to them prefabricated pork laced products rich in saturated fats.

This was before I discovered Tony’s Frozen Pizza! I was recently awarded some coupons to sample some of this fine fare for free. Instantly I suspected that Mealphegor was behind it, and regarded this unforeseen boon as one might look upon a cursed monkey’s paw, or even worse, a treasure troll. Luckily for all of us this was not the case. The source was not only substantiated as decidedly ‘non-evil,’ it turned out to be one of the greatest discoveries of my lifetime.

Tony’s Pizza is full of cheesy goodness. I invited several friends over to watch the bowling playoffs, and the party really got started when these crispy marvels were served. I was the toast of the evening. Everybody loves this pizza, it’s got a taste that even kids can’t get enough of. The pepperoni was full of pep, The Supreme was aptly named, and the Meat Trio turned me from a zero into a hero! I’m pretty sure it was the pizza and not the seven cans of Yankee Jim. At any rate, who needs another hero when you’ve got free pizza.

This is the perfect pizza to take to sporting events, to watch TV with, to impress a first date, to smile at yourself in the mirror beside, and to give away for free on this blog. That’s right, the first five people who make comments here will be award coupons for a free Tony’s Pizza, no strings attached! Movie night will never be the same!

Now, I know that this sounds too good to be true, but it is.

I also know that you must think Mealphegor is trying to lure you to his realm. Well don’t worry, we all know that this creature can’t write his name backwards. Rogehplaem. Now the only thing trying to seduce you will be the cheesy, crusty goodness of a fresh baked frozen pizza. So stop trying to banish me, and start leaving comments if you want to get your coupon for a free Tony’s Pizza in the mail today.

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