The Hillbilly Hellcats in Dead and Breakfast

by on May.03, 2008, under Horror, Original Artists, Rockabilly

I was honored to receive an email from Lance Bakemeyer of the Hillbilly Hellcats this morning regarding our clip of the zombie dance from Dead and Breakfast. In case there was any misunderstanding, that wasn’t the Hillbilly Hellcats music the zombies were dancing to, it was Zach Selwyn of the country rock band Zachariah and the Lobos Riders (quite an interesting cat).

The Hellcats had three tunes in this movie, Roadkill Cafe, Dead Man’s Party, and Hillbillies on Speed which you’ll hear in this next clip.

Be forewarned, if you don’t like blood and guys you might want to watch it with your eyes closed.

Buy these albums, you won’t regret it. These guys rock.

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