Texting from the Hershey Highway

by on Dec.31, 2009, under I'm poor

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

Imagine this: your sitting on the throne and suddenly have the desire to update your Myspace status. Even worse, you are crippled by a blinding need to listen to the theme song from Friends in crystal-clear, high quality Dolby sound while simultaneously recording and editing beautiful videos and surfing the web for information about peculiar rashes.

In the olden days the only walls you could write on while using the latrine were the ones surrounding you, already covered with phone numbers and crude drawings of the male anatomy. Today, with the help of the LG Chocolate Touch you can write on almost any Facebook wall in the universe whilst Tweeting and floating chocolate boats.

If I had an LG Chocolate Touch, I would get rid of all my other mobile devices, including my shoe-phone and tinfoil hat. One of the greatest features of this fantastic new phone is that it vibrates to the rhythm of the beat. This means, if your rocking out to the sweet and sexy jams of The Fresh Prince, so is your hand! Not only that, it’s also got cool visual effects and one touch keys for instant access to your blogs, social media platforms, and it even has a phone!

Your life would be so easy if you had something like this, it would be like you’d died and been reincarnated as a solid gold porcupine. I know my life would change forever if I had one. Alas, until that day arrives I can only hope and dream of Touching LG Chocolate from my home on the Hershey Highway.

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