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I’m crazy Japanese

by on Mar.03, 2010, under Original Bands

This group, a two man band funneling the raw power of the White Stripes and displaying the strength, power and mystique of Guns’n'Roses, is obviously my new favorite band. They don’t have a name, or if they do they don’t need one. If I could name them, if I was to be given such an honour, I would name them them ‘The Awesome’. Shades of Iron Maiden, specks of Ramones, sprinklings of Zeppelin and whatever it is that makes men tick. Rock is the answer, and these gifted performers are the question. Oh E Ro chimney to work stupid annoying Yaro. Watashi no tomodachi , seien ni iwa! Anata no hidoi ongaku to wa , sekai wo hikitsugu koto ga deki masu.
At long last, I bring you the unnameable! Live from Yoyogi Park!

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