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Connect your friends with Chains

by on Jul.06, 2010, under I'm poor

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.


If you’ve ever entered a contest it’s most likely been for a free bottle of seltzer, or laces for your boring sneakers. If you know anything about contests, if you know anything about hotels, if you know anything about chains, armour, adolescent nights consisting of renting a hotel room with your buddies with a fake ID just so you have a place to drink, or even Chihuahuas as fashion accessories, this is the contest for you.

The Hampton Hotels Chain of friends contest grand prize consists of an entire hotel for you and 100 of your closest friends for an entire weekend, plus $5,000! Just think of what you could do with a prize like this! You could have a seriously good time; pretend you’ve just been sent to Las Vegas to cover a motorcycle race with your attorney. You could eat sheets of blotter acid and sit in the bathtub with a giant hunting knife! You could relive the glory days of the Who by driving cars into the swimming pool, have orgies in hot tubs full of baked beans like Led Zeppelin, or if you’re lucky hang a fishing pole out of your room and catch a mudshark!

This sweepstake is open to everyone, so let your inhibitions down and invite all of your friends on myspace and facebook. You could storm the ice machines dressed like wiener dogs without disturbing anyone. You don’t need to be a Hilton Honors member, or even to have previously stayed at a Hampton Hotel.

I’m assuming the chains will be supplied with your room, you don’t want anybody sneaking off on your big night. Or perhaps they’re whoopin’ chains. Whatever floats your boat. I’d like to sit in a heart shaped hot tub with towels folded to look like swans, while 100 of my closest friends tossed single links of the grand prize chain into the water I was soaking in. Rusted, busted and encrusted. Talk about good times. I’d also invite the Queen of England to stop by for a cup of tea. That’s always a very civilized thing to do. If I became friends with her on facebook, do you think she’d come?

What would you do if you won this great grand prize? The best comment will be supplied two years worth of microscopic dog biscuits suitable for the next fashion canine accessory, earring sized schnauzers.

Good luck everyone!

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