T-Model Ford interview 1/2

by on Jan.13, 2008, under Blues, Documentary, Original Artists

This interview comes from the documentary You Can See Me Laughing: The Last of the Hill Country Bluesman, about Fat Possum records and its artists.

Fat Possum is one of the only labels putting out blues worth listening to these days, and this movie documents how Matthew Johnson started the label with credit cards and his student loans so he could record Junior Kimborough and R.L. Burnside. This music is raw, dangerous, desperate, savage and alive, and nobody exemplifies this more than T-Model Ford.

Aside from the aforementioned artists, there are also has interviews and clips of Cedell Davis, Asie Payton, Johnny Farmer, Kenny Brown, Iggy Pop and Bono, who for some reason needs to be in every single documentary from the past 15 years.

“T-Model’s life reads like a horror story. At the age of eight, his father beat him so badly between the legs with a piece of firewood that he lost a testicle. His ankles are scarred from the chain gang. His neck is scarred where one of his wives slashed his throat. He has been shot, stabbed, pinned under a fallen tree with a broken ribcage, beaten unconscious with a metal chair. He watched his first wife go off with his own father, watched another die after she drank poison to try and induce a miscarriage. The only woman he ever really loved poisoned him at the breakfast table; he woke up in hospital that afternoon and never saw her again.”

–”Delta Force,” The Observer, November 16, 2003

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