Make Your Own Damn Movie

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In Lloyd Kaufman’s 2003 book Make Your Own Damn Movie!: Secrets of a Renegade Director the legendary filmmaker cinematic masterfully showed up-and-coming artists how to buck the mainstream and get their movies made and seen. Based upon the phenomenal reaction from fans and fellow filmmakers alike, Kaufman and Team Troma has put together this incredible five DVD box set which will show you, step by step, how to take your truly independent vision from conception to completion! The Make Your Own Damn Movie Box Setwill show you how to handle each step in the filmmaking process:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Financing
  • Getting a cast and crew for no money
  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Special Effects
  • Post-production
  • Marketing and distribution
  • Film festivals
  • and much more!

The Make Your Own Damn Movie Box Set also includes bonus lessons, on how to:

  • Make Your Own Damn Video Store
  • Make Your Own Damn Comic Book Shop
  • Make Your Own Damn Movie Theatre
  • Make Your Own Damn Film Festival
  • and much much more!

Included in this box set are exclusive secrets of success, anecdotes and candid personal advice from a wide variety of filmmakers, including:

This five DVD Box Set also features:

  • Examples of Making Your Own Damn Movie from around the world, including France, Germany, England, Toronto, Kansas, Texas, California and Russia
  • Three feature-length behind-the-scenes documentaries: Farts of Darkness and Apocalypse Soon (filmmaking), and All The Love You Cannes (marketing and distribution)
  • A special workshop deconstruction edition of Lloyd Kaufman’s 1971 film The Battle of Love’s Return

Using the world-famous “Troma system” of filmmaking and marketing, which has brought you films like The Toxic Avenger, Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Cannibal! The Musical and Kevin Costner in Sizzle Beach USA, you’ll be making your own damn movie in no time!

Order now and get a copy of this groundbreaking box set for as little as $29!

Here’s What the Critics Say:

Producer/director Lloyd Kaufman, the Guru of Tromaville, unveils a five disc box set that tells you everything you want to know about making movies, and a whole lot more. Things like: how to make green foam come out of an actor’s mouth, and other cinema secrets. Deluxe edition includes the book version and more. A must-have for film students.

- Cinescape

The Make Your Own Damn Movie DVD box set stands as a monument to the dedication and desires of Lloyd Kaufman. Argue about the value of his films, but no one can question his integrity or intent. Lloyd is, first and foremost, concerned about art. And hopefully this DVD, and the surprisingly engaging stories it tells, will inspire you to go and make some of your own.

- Bill Gibron, DVD Talk

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