Magic Sam

by on Mar.01, 2008, under Blues, Original Bands

This isn’t funny, but it has to be seen. This is Magic Sam tearing it up live in Germany.

From he is..playing Earl Hookers shitty $100 Les Paul copy guitar with the stickers on it..missing a string..playing it with his fingers.. (take that all of you who think spending $5000 on a Jimmy Page Slept Here “repro” has anything to do with ANYTHING) at a festival in Germany.

Make sure you see the 2nd song..and it will all become clear why 99% of what passes for “the blues” these days is a weak-assed, watered down attempt at recreating something that most of the current practitioners have no clue about.

…extra points for noticing the drummers wallet on the snare..that’s an old west side trick..especially useful for keeping the snare from well as making sure nobody lifts it from your pants while you are playing.

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