Jandek on Corwood

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This is a short clip from the 2003 documentary about Jandek. If you’ve never heard of him its probably because he is notoriously reclusive and his music is, well, different. Its outside. You’re not going to hear it on the radio, if you want to listen you have to search it out yourself. This is a very sparse and low-key film, similar to the music it tries to describe.

Its almost laughable that throughout this entire 88 minute documentary Jandek doesn’t appear in the film at all. Instead they’ve utilized still pictures, disconnected film clips and album covers to take his place. The highlight of the film is a recording of the only phone interview with the man behind the music, during this scene they filmed a telephone to play the recording over – just so you understand whats happening. Its almost like the film was made, everybody interviewed (mostly music critics) talked about how much they loved him, and then they released it and suddenly realized they forgotten to put the subject in the movie. Its interesting if you like the music, if you don’t this might not do much to win you over. Then again, why would you consider seeing it if you didn’t?

His first album Ready for the House was put out in 1978 and he has since released about two new albums a year, his discography is up to 51 self-financed, self-released albums. He finally played his first live gig in 2004 in Glasgow, Scotland and a year later played his first gig in the US in his home state of Texas.

Jandek on Corwood

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