Guitar Heroes #9 – Jake E Lee

by on Dec.03, 2008, under Guitar Heroes

This is Jake E Lee, Axemaster extraordinaire. His credentials include 80′s metal monsters Ratt and Rough Cut, as well as shredding it out for Ronnie James Dio and Badlands. He is probably most famous for salvaging Ozzy’s Diary of a Madman tour after Randy Rhodes untimely death. No small feat, filling those shoes. He stayed on with Ozzy and recorded the killer Bark at the Moon album. Without further ado, here’s Jake slaying them on a 1983 tour with Ozzy.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • guitar speed

    This guy was WAY ahead of his time, and this is one of my favorite videos of him. He had the best sound, technique, and a very creative and intense guitar style.

  • das

    Yeah, Jake was this shit!

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    Anything that includes the name Ozzy in music has gotta be good :)

  • das

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