Diarrhea of the Dead

by on Jan.09, 2009, under Horror

You heard right, George A Romero has a new zombie movie in the works!

Finally, a sequel to Diary of the Dead. A sequel nobody wanted… A film so full or horror nobody watched it. What? Oh sorry, so full of horrible. I’m being a dick, Romero invented the genre. Dawn of the Dead still stands as one of the formative film experiences of my life. Hell, I even liked the remake.

Diary had a good story, some great lines, and a lot of really good gory action. My beef with was with the suspension of belief factor, the one you need to really enjoy a movie like this, felt like it had been brutally raped…and the acting stunk. Usually those are the two things I really enjoy while watching a horror movie! It probably all boils down to unreasonably high expectations on my part. Whaddyagonnado?

Mornings… and mirrors. I despise them. Mornings and mirrors only serve to terrify old men.

Romero’s new movie doesn’t have a title yet, but it does have a concept. “It’s about tribalism,” says Romero about the story that unfolds on a small island a couple of weeks after the original outbreak in 1968′s Night of the Living Dead. “There are two factions. It’s the idea that even when faced with a crisis, tribal concerns about power control people’s motives.”

One side wants to kill off zombified loved ones before cannibalistic urges strike. The other would rather wait to see if there is a cure for such cravings. “They want to leave Grandma in the rocking chair for a while longer,” he says. “It’s not a good idea.”

How can you go wrong?

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