Andy Kaufman-I’m From Hollywood

by on Jan.20, 2009, under Comedy, Documentary, Wrestling

I’m from Hollywood is a one hour documentary outlining Andy Kaufman’s brilliant, if career killing foray into professional wrestling. If you haven’t yet seen it, its worth the watch just for his promos taunting southern folks with instructions on how to use soap, or the chance to see Kaufman strutting around Memphis wearing a crown and singing about being the king of wrestling, while 10,000 people want to kill him.
As fun as this was to watch, it was entirely too short. There were only a few promos, and for some reason the producers didn’t include the infamous David Letterman appearance (seen here unedited) where he enticed Jerry Lawler to bitch slap him while wearing a neck brace (recreated perfectly in Jim Carrey’s biopic Man on the Moon).

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, here’s a youtube playlist containing the entire documentary:

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Piper’s Pit with Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka

by on Apr.09, 2008, under Wrestling

One of the highlights of the WWF back in the 80′s was when Roddy Piper was given his own segment, Piper’s Pit. He was the greatest heels in the history of the sport, and my all-time favorite. In all of the Pits classic moments, the most memorable was undoubtedly when Jimmy ‘Superfuly’ Snuka appeared as a guest on his show.

This clip is extra incredible, because it not only contains the Superfly interview, but also his follow-up interview on TNT where Vince McMahon and Lord Alfred Hayes asked him to justify his actions.

YouTube Preview Image

If you need more, check out Roddy’s autobiography, an interesting and hilarious read.

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The Calamari Wrestler

by on Mar.20, 2008, under Film, Wrestling

This is the movie you’ve been waiting for all your life. Professional wrestler Koji Taguchi faces his greatest opponent, perhaps the fiercest competitor ever to step inside the ring, a giant squid! Non-stop action, wrestling, life changing obstacles and triumph of the spirit, this movie has it all, even a touching love scene with a beautiful young and the handsome giant squid.

YouTube Preview Image
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Piper’s Pit with Cyndi Lauper

by on Jan.20, 2008, under Wrestling

Nobody will ever forget the time Cyndi Lauper turned her back on manager Captain Lou Albano. Not only did she embarrass him on national television by claiming he wasn’t her manager, she called him a liar and then assaulted him! Its all been downhill for the ungrateful tart since that fateful day. If she’d only stayed barefoot in the kitchen like Captain Lou said she never would have had team up with Wendy Richter to fight Captain Lou and the Fabulous Moohlah in a tag team match. Ah, impetuous youth.

YouTube Preview Image

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