Andy Kaufman-I’m From Hollywood

by on Jan.20, 2009, under Comedy, Documentary, Wrestling

I’m from Hollywood is a one hour documentary outlining Andy Kaufman’s brilliant, if career killing foray into professional wrestling. If you haven’t yet seen it, its worth the watch just for his promos taunting southern folks with instructions on how to use soap, or the chance to see Kaufman strutting around Memphis wearing a crown and singing about being the king of wrestling, while 10,000 people want to kill him.
As fun as this was to watch, it was entirely too short. There were only a few promos, and for some reason the producers didn’t include the infamous David Letterman appearance (seen here unedited) where he enticed Jerry Lawler to bitch slap him while wearing a neck brace (recreated perfectly in Jim Carrey’s biopic Man on the Moon).

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, here’s a youtube playlist containing the entire documentary:

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The Bush Dodging Shoes Dance

by on Dec.16, 2008, under Comedy, Elvis, Hecklers

Dominating the news cycle this morning is this video clip from U.S. president George Bush’s visit to Iraq yesterday, when a Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi from Al-Baghdadia television network hurled both his shoes at Bush during a press conference. This quickly disintegrated into a decadent orgy of dance, as the spirit of Elvis took over GW’s body. The horrific results can be seen here:

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Hot Dog Boy

by on Apr.03, 2008, under Comedy, Original Bands

From the un-acclaimed and always tasteful comedy duo Hot Doy Boy, comes this exhilarating take on rural life and the wonderful characters who inhabit these peaceful pastures of love and happiness.

YouTube Preview Image
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David Bowie on Extras

by on Mar.09, 2008, under Comedy

This is a clip from the brilliant BBC series Extras, written by and starring Ricky Gervais. You may remember Ricky Gervais as the creator and star of the original series The Office. In this show he plays an extra struggling to get a decent part in any production he’s part of. Eventually he ends up creating his own sitcom, which is picked up and bastardized by the BBC. This scene takes place the day after its premiere.

YouTube Preview Image
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Eugene Mirman – Canada

by on Mar.08, 2008, under Comedy

This guy is so funny I can’t stand it. Check out Eugene’s site for much more Mirman than you can shake a stick at. Probably more than you can really appreciate. Too much, really.!

“Canada is what happens when love… falls in love.”

YouTube Preview Image
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