Franks Zappa and the Mothers of Invention in the 60′s

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Franks Zappa and the Mothers of Invention in the 60′s

Admittedly, I’ll watch nearly anything Zappa related, from live footage to bootlegs to documentaries. Much has been written about Zappa and the Mothers, they have been very well chronicled. From how many times Zappa stretched his legs while writing The Dog Breath Variations to how many cigarettes he smoked in the studio while recording Magdalena, to dense intellectual interpretations of his work and ponderous forays into his political activities. There comes a point when, like with the beatles, everything that needs to be written about certain portions of their lives just may have been covered in excruciating detail by this point.

When I sat down to watch the doc Franks Zappa and the Mothers of Invention in the 60′s I was interested, yet skeptical. It starts off slow, with various Zappologists shedding light on the mans early years and musical influences using pretty much the exact same words as every other verbose Zappologist. Perhaps these people only have one book to base all of their learned opinions on. There are some cool interviews with Jimmy Carl Black, Bunk Gardner, Don Preston and Kim Fowley, but very little live footage of the band in action. You can actually find a million times more ‘rare’ footage looking on youtube.

If you happen to be new to Zappa and the Mothers, you just might dig it. If you know anything about them, this is rehashed, watery gravy. It’s safe to say that the turning point for me was having to suffer through the most irritating accent I’ve ever heard by an aged, self important hippy intellectual wearing a giant scarf with skulls on it while blathering inane facts he likely gleaned from the back cover of Freak Out! I’m sure if I wasn’t subjected to this pompous poof for over two hours, I might have enjoyed it more.

If you think I’m exaggerating:

Although it’s hard for me to dislike anything Zappa related, in my humble opinion: save your money, buy any Mother album or official Zappa dvd, and enjoy your life without fear of sitting on your deathbed lamenting the two hours you wasted one hapless evening.

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Tom Waits & Iggy Pop – Coffee and Cigarettes

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One of my favorite scenes from this great flick.

“You know, the beauty of quitting is, now that I’ve quit…….I can have one” ?

YouTube Preview Image
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True Norwegian Black Metal

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This is a very entertaining little doc about the Norwegian Black Metal scene, focusing mainly on the infamous Gaahl, lead singer of Gorgoroth. If you’re not familiar with Gaahl, you may remember him from his interview in the film ‘Metal: A Headbangers Jouney.’ When asked what his musical inspiration was he paused, and with his trademark deadpan delivery replied, ‘Satan.’ See An Interview with Mayhem for a clip.

Be sure to watch the final clip in the series, where the interviewer asks one too many dopey questions (approx 6:30).

YouTube Preview Image

To watch the complete series go to the Music World page @ VBS.TV

We went to Norway to interview Gaahl, lead singer of the band Gorgoroth. Gaahl really believes in this whole ideology behind what he’s doing—he’s not just some rockstar fronting a band. The thing with Black Metal is, in Norway, everybody is exactly the same. There’s nothing to rebel against, because everybody’s really well off. It’s one of the richest countries in Europe. There is no lower class, it’s like middle-class white kids everywhere—no one has anything to complain about. And he’s this sort of eccentric figure amidst this sea of contentment and sameness. The way I see it is, in America you have guys like 50 Cent who are supposed to be the “villain.” Kids like him cause they’re parents hate him, and that’s basically what Gaahl is. He’s their musical villain so to speak. But there’s a lot of different sides to the scene.

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Andy Kaufman-I’m From Hollywood

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I’m from Hollywood is a one hour documentary outlining Andy Kaufman’s brilliant, if career killing foray into professional wrestling. If you haven’t yet seen it, its worth the watch just for his promos taunting southern folks with instructions on how to use soap, or the chance to see Kaufman strutting around Memphis wearing a crown and singing about being the king of wrestling, while 10,000 people want to kill him.
As fun as this was to watch, it was entirely too short. There were only a few promos, and for some reason the producers didn’t include the infamous David Letterman appearance (seen here unedited) where he enticed Jerry Lawler to bitch slap him while wearing a neck brace (recreated perfectly in Jim Carrey’s biopic Man on the Moon).

Thanks to the kindness of strangers, here’s a youtube playlist containing the entire documentary:

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Diarrhea of the Dead

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You heard right, George A Romero has a new zombie movie in the works!

Finally, a sequel to Diary of the Dead. A sequel nobody wanted… A film so full or horror nobody watched it. What? Oh sorry, so full of horrible. I’m being a dick, Romero invented the genre. Dawn of the Dead still stands as one of the formative film experiences of my life. Hell, I even liked the remake.

Diary had a good story, some great lines, and a lot of really good gory action. My beef with was with the suspension of belief factor, the one you need to really enjoy a movie like this, felt like it had been brutally raped…and the acting stunk. Usually those are the two things I really enjoy while watching a horror movie! It probably all boils down to unreasonably high expectations on my part. Whaddyagonnado?

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The Bush Dodging Shoes Dance

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Dominating the news cycle this morning is this video clip from U.S. president George Bush’s visit to Iraq yesterday, when a Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi from Al-Baghdadia television network hurled both his shoes at Bush during a press conference. This quickly disintegrated into a decadent orgy of dance, as the spirit of Elvis took over GW’s body. The horrific results can be seen here:

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The True story of The Strangers, part two.

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The Strangers has been causing a lot of controversy for its alleged true story angle. Comparing the film to the facts (see: Keddie Cabin Murders -vs- The Strangers) hopefully helped to clear up a few misconceptions, although even if it did, it probably didn’t help anybody sleep better at night because of it.

This movie was inspired by true events, as opposed to being based on true events. What this means in Hollywood lingo, inspired by allows the directors imagination run rampant while implying everything portrayed is true, whereas based on is supposedly based on fact, albeit with a few embellishments (and usually a love interest). When interviewed about The Strangers, director Bryan Bertino said his main inspiration for the story was Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders.
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Keddie Cabin Murders -vs- The Strangers

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So I wrote earlier that The Strangers was based on the true story of the Keddie Cabin Murders. Well, there are some fallacies that should be cleared up. There were unsolved murders at Keddie Cabin, this much is true. Its also true that the murders are still unsolved.

But thats about where the ‘true story’ angle ends. Truth is stranger, and more disturbing, than ‘based on truth.’ There were four murders in cabin 28 that night. Glenna Sharp, her 15 year old son John and 17 year old family friend Dana Wingate were found beaten and stabbed the next morning by Glenna’s 14 year old daughter Sheila, who luckily spent the night with a friend. Thirteen year old Tina Sharp was missing from the cabin, and her decapitated remains were discovered three years later, buried 95 miles away. Her other two sons and another friend, all toddlers, were spared and found hiding in a separate room.
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The Strangers in the Night

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Nothing fills people with dread more than the words ‘based on a true story.’
It was this claim that instilled absolute terror at the mere mention of Amityville. Even the director of the live action Scooby Doo movie scored a huge horror hit with his remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which was based on the original TCM movie instead of the story of Edward Gein. As far from the truth as that movie was, it still served to scare the hell out of a lot of people. I’ll admit the original still freaks me out. But that’s horror.
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Want some fries with that terrorist?

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I never felt the urge to see Super Size Me. That movie always seemed like a cheap shot at a faltering giant. ‘Wow, nothing negative has ever been said about McDonald’s before, what an original idea!’ What’s next, Smoking: It may or may not be good for you! I read Fast Food Nation, even before it became a movie starring Avril Lavigne. I read Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry. Well, I read the book flap in the store. Needless to say, Super Size Me seemed like a waste of time for someone as knowledgeable and in tune with the world as me.
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Requiem for a Stone Angel

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A few nights ago I was watching TV with my girlfriend when a trailer for the new film The Stone Angel came on. My mind raced during that thirty second slot. I began to feel angry that somebody had remade this awful movie. Admittedly, I occasionally get stone and cement confused; this is why I lasted only one summer as a masonry apprentice. Somehow I had mistaken it for ‘The Cement Garden’ by smarmy englishman Ian Mcewan. This was a book that, to put it mildly, I didn’t love. After reading it I threw it from the window of a moving bus. Don’t worry, crap is biodegradable.
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The Hillbilly Hellcats in Dead and Breakfast

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I was honored to receive an email from Lance Bakemeyer of the Hillbilly Hellcats this morning regarding our clip of the zombie dance from Dead and Breakfast. In case there was any misunderstanding, that wasn’t the Hillbilly Hellcats music the zombies were dancing to, it was Zach Selwyn of the country rock band Zachariah and the Lobos Riders (quite an interesting cat).
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Dead and Breakfast

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In keeping with our musical zombie theme, here’s a scene from the horror/musical/comedy Dead and Breakfast. This movie boasts a fantastic soundtrack by the Hillbilly Hellcats, as well as some great tunes that narrate the story, blood, guts, violence and everything else you look for in a family film. This particular clip shows and undead horde converging on our heroes who’ve barricaded themselves inside a bed and breakfast. Unlike the rest of the film, they suddenly stop their assault and begin…dancing?
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The Happiness of the Katakuris

by on Apr.28, 2008, under Around the World, Horror

Here is an excerpt from Takashi Miike’s brilliant horror/comedy/musical The Happiness of the Katakuris. The story is based around a family who move to the country and buy a bed and breakfast in order to be closer together and away from the city. Unfortunately, the B&B is so isolated they don’t get any guests at all for a very long time. When they finally start getting borders, they all mysteriously die.

This scene takes place after their very first guest commits suicide and the family discovers his body.
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An Interview with Mayhem

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This is a clip from Metal, A Headbangers Journey with Necrobutcher and Blasphemer, recorded during the Wacken metal festival.
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Guitar Wolf – Wild Zero

by on Apr.11, 2008, under Around the World, Horror, Original Bands

From one of the greatest, noisiest, loudest garage punk Jet Rock’n'Roll bands ever to come out of Japan, comes the greatest Rock’n'Roll horror zombie musical ever – Wild Zero. This movie has everything; Guitar Wolf, zombies, exploding heads, trans gendered love affairs, microphones spitting fire, UFOs, gunfights, car chases…what more could you ask for?

This scene takes place during a Guitar Wolf gig while they perform Roaring Blood, and should give you a good idea of what to expect. The guy in the tight white shorts is an evil club owner bent on killing them,

The DVD also features a drinking game. A pint glass appears whenever a character drinks, says “Rock ‘n Roll,” or combs their hair, or when a head explodes, something else explodes, or fire shoots out of something. Again, what more could you ask for?

This movie is also available for rental from GreenCine. Sign up, they’ve got nearly everything.

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Hot Dog Boy

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From the un-acclaimed and always tasteful comedy duo Hot Doy Boy, comes this exhilarating take on rural life and the wonderful characters who inhabit these peaceful pastures of love and happiness.

YouTube Preview Image
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Army of Darkness – The original opening

by on Apr.01, 2008, under Film, Horror

I’m not going to describe what happens in this clip, because you have eyes and ears. Other parts as well, hopefully.
This was one of the cool extras from the directors cut DVD, which also includes alternate endings and deleted scenes.
If you’re a fan of the Evil Dead series make it a point to see this one.

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The Calamari Wrestler

by on Mar.20, 2008, under Film, Wrestling

This is the movie you’ve been waiting for all your life. Professional wrestler Koji Taguchi faces his greatest opponent, perhaps the fiercest competitor ever to step inside the ring, a giant squid! Non-stop action, wrestling, life changing obstacles and triumph of the spirit, this movie has it all, even a touching love scene with a beautiful young and the handsome giant squid.

YouTube Preview Image
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Fred and Sharon’s Video Services (part 1)

by on Mar.18, 2008, under Film

Sharon and Fred hail from Kelowna, Canada. They began their own movie production company, and to promote developed several incredible ads. If you need a movie, don’t hesitate to look up this fine couple. The price is right, and the quality is unmatched.

Who needs a movie? Getting Married? Got a web site? Fund raising? Commercials? Selling something? Movies can make your life go better!!

YouTube Preview Image
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