The New Cialis Campaign

by on May.17, 2008, under Commercials

Thanks to Cialis, limp loined losers can now get laid in as little as 30 minutes! It lasts up to 36 hours! Erectile dysfunction, impotence, heartburn, acid, diarrhea. This’ll cure what ails ya thanks to the mysterious new miracle chemical tadalafil. The home grown bone toner was purposely named to sound like a falafel stand, because the main ingredient is chick please.
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Mr. Clean commercial that didn’t make the cut.

by on May.04, 2008, under Commercials

What the hell is wrong with those morons, this video is brilliant. Not only is it catchy and entertaining, it also demonstrates why you shouldn’t eat cleaning products and features washroom sign sex and a talking toilet. Brilliant!

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Dead and Breakfast

by on May.02, 2008, under Commercials, Horror, Rockabilly

In keeping with our musical zombie theme, here’s a scene from the horror/musical/comedy Dead and Breakfast. This movie boasts a fantastic soundtrack by the Hillbilly Hellcats, as well as some great tunes that narrate the story, blood, guts, violence and everything else you look for in a family film. This particular clip shows and undead horde converging on our heroes who’ve barricaded themselves inside a bed and breakfast. Unlike the rest of the film, they suddenly stop their assault and begin…dancing?
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A Steamwhistle Commercial that didn’t make the cut

by on Jan.16, 2008, under Commercials

Once again those morons in mass marketing middle-of-the-road mediocrity have declined not only a great commercial, but a piece of art.
I guess they know what they’re doing though, I’ve seen some really powerful tampon commercials in my day, and look how popular they are now…thanks to the douchebags at Madison Ave.

This guy knows how to sell beer.

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Hillary for you and me

by on Jan.07, 2008, under Commercials

If you’ve ever wondered what the Jackson Five’s ABC would sound like as an ultra lame political rally song, here’s your chance. There are times that I think I don’t appreciate Canada as much as I should, this ain’t one of them.

YouTube Preview Image

In a nutshell, this is whats wrong with America.

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