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The Tokyo Rockabilly Club

by on May.07, 2008, under Around the World, Rockabilly

When I was visiting Japan a few years ago we went to Yoyogi Park on a Sunday afternoon. There were so many performers lining the walkway it was incredible. Every ten to fifteen feet or so you’d run into a new band, street performer, dancer, musician, comedian, or some other kind of performance or costume that I couldn’t quite describe.
My favorite was the first group was saw at the front gates of the park, The Tokyo Rockabilly Club. A circle of eight to ten massively pompadoured, tough looking leather clad rockers, all dancing to Japanese rockabilly played over a small boombox so loudly that it was distorted almost beyond intelligibility. And damn, these guys could really cut a rug. Usually in the middle of a song one of them would take a ‘dance solo’ while the others clapped and encouraged him to go harder, when he finally exhausted himself the group would all start dancing again.
It was very strange, and very cool. Unfortunately our camera had about 10 seconds of film when we got to the park, but these clips should give you an impression of what a performance is like. If you’re ever in Tokyo make sure to head to Yoyogi Park on a Sunday afternoon, you won’t be disappointed.
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The Happiness of the Katakuris

by on Apr.28, 2008, under Around the World, Horror

Here is an excerpt from Takashi Miike’s brilliant horror/comedy/musical The Happiness of the Katakuris. The story is based around a family who move to the country and buy a bed and breakfast in order to be closer together and away from the city. Unfortunately, the B&B is so isolated they don’t get any guests at all for a very long time. When they finally start getting borders, they all mysteriously die.

This scene takes place after their very first guest commits suicide and the family discovers his body.
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I’ve Got a Girl Named Gretsch, by Rockin’ Henri

by on Apr.23, 2008, under Around the World, Original Bands

The flagging rockabilly revival has been revitalized, spearheaded by none other than Netherlands own Rockin’ Henri!

In less than a year this prolific songster has already posted about 200 original songs, nearly all recorded in what seems to be the front room of his grandmothers house, wearing the same blue and black bowling shirt. On top of this he fronts several bands and has released his first official full-length album, Great Rockin News.

All of his songs are really good, but in our opinion nothing has quite the bite as I’ve got a girl named Gretsch.

YouTube Preview Image
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Guitar Wolf – Wild Zero

by on Apr.11, 2008, under Around the World, Horror, Original Bands

From one of the greatest, noisiest, loudest garage punk Jet Rock’n'Roll bands ever to come out of Japan, comes the greatest Rock’n'Roll horror zombie musical ever – Wild Zero. This movie has everything; Guitar Wolf, zombies, exploding heads, trans gendered love affairs, microphones spitting fire, UFOs, gunfights, car chases…what more could you ask for?

This scene takes place during a Guitar Wolf gig while they perform Roaring Blood, and should give you a good idea of what to expect. The guy in the tight white shorts is an evil club owner bent on killing them,

The DVD also features a drinking game. A pint glass appears whenever a character drinks, says “Rock ‘n Roll,” or combs their hair, or when a head explodes, something else explodes, or fire shoots out of something. Again, what more could you ask for?

This movie is also available for rental from GreenCine. Sign up, they’ve got nearly everything.

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