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Put yourself in a World Cup video

If you know me at all, you know I’m very passionate when it comes to sports. On more than one occasion I’ve driven friends to various sporting events; bowling, darts, hopscotch, and even soccer, when I invariably hear somebody in the car scream at me, “Hey man, yer passing it!” It makes me feel quite robust knowing that my intense feelings for all things manly are worn upon my shoulder, with pride, for the entire world to see. Because of my machismo I’m rarely called a wuss anymore. When I am, its usually because I’m either crying or watching Sex in the City.
Obviously, my favourite team is the Maldives National Football Team. There is no greater feeling than watching these football masters battle it out on the field with their peers. Go Maldives! Take the Cup!

The only thing cooler than the Maldives football team, is this custom world cup soccer video maker. You can upload your own face and suddenly be playing in the world cup! What I love most about this is how it makes it look as though Leatherface has sliced off your face and sewn it onto different people. Buffalo Bill, eat your heart out. There’s even a great segment which shows how your rotting face would look with insects crawling all over it. It really makes me wanna kick some balls!

If you can’t believe it, check out how cool Pee Wee Herman looks in this video!

Pee Wee Herman, Maldives Football TeamPee Wee Herman, Maldives Football Team.

Leave a link to your video and tell me why Maldives have the coolest Football team in the world.

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