Arby’s Reuben Sandwich, Portrait of a Squandered Life

by on Jul.25, 2010, under I'm poor

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I’ll take a Reubens sandwich, hold the pickle.

This never fails to make me laugh; it’s one of the funniest jokes in history. Nobody tells it anymore, because nobody gets it anymore. It belonged to a specific time and place, long gone. It’s reminiscent of Kurt Vonnegut’s favourite joke, which he told often in his books, and claimed it was the funniest joke he knew. “I had a dream I was eating flannel cakes, and when I awoke the blanket was gone.” I never found it funny, or at least as funny as he seemed to. Then again he also claimed a ‘twerp’ is a person who inserts a set of false teeth in his or her ass in order to bite the buttons off back seats of taxi cabs. Back to the joke, you probably won’t get this joke either. This is sad for me, as it reflects on my growing irrelevance in the world. Sad, but I can still laugh at this joke which is more than I can say for a lot of people. I’ll give you a hint:

Pee Wee Herman

Which brings me to Arby’s new juniorize me widget. This widget allows you to upload a picture of yourself and morph into a retro-cool Arby’s Jr. Character. Type in some text of your own choosing, and create a custom animation that looks like you which can actually speak! Whooeee. If you are really hip, you can even record your own voice instead of the computer generated O.K. Computer sounding one . I’ve created my own unique custom animation here utilizing my friend PW, and the funniest joke in the world that nobody laughs at. Please try to ignore the spoken backslashes:

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