Anton LaVey – Speak of the Devil

by on Jan.05, 2008, under Documentary, Evil

This is a short clip from the OOP 1993 film Speak of the Devil by Anton LaVey and Nick Bougas. It was created by LaVey to dispel myths and misconceptions about Satanism and the Church of Satan. I’m not sure it they accomplished thosee goals, but it certainly is an odd and entertaining 90 minutes of cheap 60′s style film making. The Black Pope is portrayed as a thoughtful and almost goofy nature loving artist, factotum and all around nice guy who gives you a tour of his home, private organ performances, a rundown of some of his more interesting jobs, and a chance to meet some of his artificial human companions. Interspersed with interviews, history, philosophy and commentary on a wide range of subjects it remains a very interesting film.

This clip shows LaVey’s pet lion, whom he later takes to the supermarket. Its narrated from the lions point of view by LaVey, who seems to channel Mel Blanc.

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