Andy Kaufaman Trusted You.

by on Feb.15, 2008, under Original Bands

If nothing else, you have to respect his dedication to the lyrical integrity of the song.

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  • MyViral

    Great post! I love to read some good stuff!

  • Scorpion

    I guess it’s most strange knowing that Paul never, at least late in his career, aged as a “cool” guy. He always held his artistic credibility, but did many things that are quite cringe-worthy. That cool factor kind of dropped a bit. In recent times, though Paul’s cool temperature is red hot. He’s got several artistic and adventurous solo albums, and has also produced a remix album, and avant-garde album under a different moniker that would make the coolest hipster nod in approval. Maybe a Fireman tune or two will make a Coachella appearance as well, it’s nothing too much just out of sight.

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