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True Norwegian Black Metal

by on Mar.16, 2009, under Documentary, Evil

This is a very entertaining little doc about the Norwegian Black Metal scene, focusing mainly on the infamous Gaahl, lead singer of Gorgoroth. If you’re not familiar with Gaahl, you may remember him from his interview in the film ‘Metal: A Headbangers Jouney.’ When asked what his musical inspiration was he paused, and with his trademark deadpan delivery replied, ‘Satan.’ See An Interview with Mayhem for a clip.

Be sure to watch the final clip in the series, where the interviewer asks one too many dopey questions (approx 6:30).

YouTube Preview Image

To watch the complete series go to the Music World page @ VBS.TV

We went to Norway to interview Gaahl, lead singer of the band Gorgoroth. Gaahl really believes in this whole ideology behind what he’s doing—he’s not just some rockstar fronting a band. The thing with Black Metal is, in Norway, everybody is exactly the same. There’s nothing to rebel against, because everybody’s really well off. It’s one of the richest countries in Europe. There is no lower class, it’s like middle-class white kids everywhere—no one has anything to complain about. And he’s this sort of eccentric figure amidst this sea of contentment and sameness. The way I see it is, in America you have guys like 50 Cent who are supposed to be the “villain.” Kids like him cause they’re parents hate him, and that’s basically what Gaahl is. He’s their musical villain so to speak. But there’s a lot of different sides to the scene.

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