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Extreme Elvis

by on Jul.01, 2008, under Cover Bands and Tribute Artists

GG Allin meets Elvis Presley in the fever dreams of Artaud.

Extreme Elvis is possibly the greatest living Elvis tribute artist alive today. If he’s still living, that is. His site was permanently shut down years ago by the FBI and Homeland Security for copy write infringement and other heinous crimes…or was it? Reality becomes a blur. Aside from a few online interviews, a story in Gigs From Hell and fading memories of the fascinating biography from his old site, nothing remains but a small handful of unforgettable performances which remain seared into my brain.

Extreme Elvis burst on the about scene eight years ago, leaving a trail of carnage, urine stained blue suede shoes, feces soaked mikes and broken hearts. What happened to him? Was he taken out by some muscle from the Memphis Mafia? Did he self destruct in a delirious haze of fame? Is he living in obscurity in Hollywood, appearing randomly on bagels or treating unsuspecting locals with the occasional sighting in the Midwest? I don’t claim to know, I just wish he’d reignite the faltering Elvis scene with his brilliant interpretation.

Below are clips of two of my favorite E.E. performances. They’re actually quite tame compared to the rest of the existing performances which can be found on his
old video page, including a legendary full length performance at the Covered Wagon from 2001. I’ve saved them in case they suddenly disappear as well, and recommend you do the same. Be aware that these videos aren’t work safe, so quit your crappy job. In fact, they’re probably not safe for any situation or location. Please enjoy responsibly, or better yet – don’t. Go on with your life and be happy with Elvis Karaoke on Tuesday nights at the Bingo Hall, unhampered by the reality of these powerful and emotionally charged renditions. You cannot unsee this.
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