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The Bitless play The Beatles

by on Nov.28, 2007, under Cover Bands and Tribute Artists

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, here come the Bitless to really make the Beatles music shine.

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Go ahead and JUMP! (off a bridge)

by on Nov.22, 2007, under Original Bands

Here’s a live clip of guitar god Eddie Van Halen from their current tour. Try and make it until :50 seconds in to get the full effect.

YouTube Preview Image

This is the man responsible for spawning generations of wanking “wheedley wheedley” wannabes. As you can see he’s now invented a new sort of tuning, the man never rests!

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Reh Dogg, Why Must I Cry?

by on Nov.19, 2007, under Original Artists

If you haven’t heard of Reh Dogg, where the hell have you been hiding?

This is the video that launched his career, and its a barn burner. Reh Dogg has been really active since this video starting making waves. He’s released several more videos, released a full length album, appeared live on BET, and along with his pal Turtle, they’ve developed a huge following and several fan clubs around the world.

YouTube Preview Image

They lyrics are actually quite sad, and a little disturbing. Not quite as disturbing as the shower scene though.

They’ve been added below so you can sing along.
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Guitar Heroes #1 Stevie Ray Vaughn

by on Nov.11, 2007, under Guitar Heroes

Gone but not forgotten, Stevie Ray Vaughn has never sounded better. The technical mastery, the tone, the articulation, the vibrato, the speed and the undeniable soul highlight why this guy was so inspiring and remains untouchable to this day.

YouTube Preview Image

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Great Europe Cover from a Great Band

by on Nov.05, 2007, under Cover Bands and Tribute Artists

This has been around a while, but it never gets old. I never found out who this band was, or if they recorded anything else, but this is a fantastic performance and I hope they’re still around. Apparently the got paid for this gig, perhaps they’ve all retired.

YouTube Preview Image
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